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"I've been working with Team Ruby for over five years now, through some very tumultuous times in my life. The insights and guidance that they've offered have been invaluable as I've tried to navigate difficult waters. But moreover, the perspective they've provided has allowed me see a broader a picture of what's going on, rather than just the narrow focus I might have at any moment."

~  Robert, NYC

"Thanks, Ruby, for helping ground a too-analytical and too-skeptical me. You gave me insights that helped tremendously. Since speaking with you, I not only feel like I have a kind, honest, clever counsel, but I feel more settled in my life. Your answers to my questions were alarming in their specificity. After I got over the shock, I felt validated in my own intuition and grateful that I have a better sense of the people and circumstances surrounding me."

~Rhonda in Vienna, VA

".... Each time we talk, I am totally enthralled and delighted with the things we discuss. "

~  Jim R., Chicago